As fall settles in here in New Hampshire, shortening the days and treating us to some beautiful scenery, our City Year AmeriCorps members are settling into their routines and service with eagerness and determination.  We hope this monthly newsletter informs you about the work of City Year and the team serving at your school.  Feel free to share any feedback or items you would like to see to CYNH Impact Manager, Kim Bylancik.



Attendance support is a critical component of our partnership with schools. City Year teams first learn and explore the barriers that prevent students from coming to school, and then use student data to set up City Year AmeriCorps members with their Attendance focus list students.  City Year members then use a check-in check-out model to coach student's to maintain or improve their attendance by setting goals, celebrating progress, and helping them problem solve barriers to coming to school and/or arriving on time.



City Year ABCs - Attendance, Behavior and socioemotional learning (SEL), and Course performance in math and English/language arts - are the focus areas of City Year AmeriCorps members (ACMs) service. Having a trained corps member in the classroom enables teachers to continue classroom lessons and better differentiate instruction and provides another source of targeted support for students who need it. Here's how City Year prepares ACMs to be successful focused on Attendance.



In the 2015-2016 school year, 42% of students coached by City Year New Hampshire improved their average daily attendance (ADA) by 2 or more percentage points. 28% who started the year chronically absent (<90% ADA) were no longer chronically absent by the end of the year.



Learn more about two ongoing initiatives that support corps member service delivery:


OctWSWCStudentWGear.pngThis year, we have set aside time every Wednesday for corps members to review student data, examine student progress, reflect on interventions, request team specific trainings from the Impact Services Team or school personnel, and share best practices on and across teams. A highlight so far during this time, Gossler Park and Northwest received a guided reading and math training from Gossler Park’s fantastic Title 1 coordinators, Maureen Sheedy-Morris, Title 1 reading coach, and, Erin Kilrain, Title 1 math coach.


Our entire impact staff observes corps members, focusing on a problem of practice, collaboratively debriefing the experience, making connections to the evidence of best practices in other schools, and developing next steps around observation and coaching. They use the information to develop and implement evidence-based responsive trainings in the areas where ACMs demonstrate that they need support.  We held our first instructional rounds at Wilson Elementary School on Tuesday, October 18.


Each month, get to know an AmeriCorps member from our City Year team on a more personal level.

FY17OD_Frankie.jpgFrankie Walker, 3rd grade with Academy III
“I serve because there is no greater joy than helping others. It's my passion.”

My name is Frankie I Walker and I bring happy greetings from the Deep South: Mississippi. I recently graduated from Mississippi State University "HAILSTATE" with my degree in education psychology. I've always wanted to be an educator. I choose to give a year of service with City Year because I wanted to be a part of a family that cared about the community just as much as I did. Nelson Mandela stated, "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." This quote speaks to me because I strongly believe that helping one with their education is the act of making changes. If I don't change a million lives, knowing that I changed one will always mean the most to me.

Waking up and coming to Beech Street every morning, I know I am about to make a difference. There is a kid who is looking forward to seeing me, and there is a kid who needs to see me. I’m looking forward to working with my focus list students. In small groups I will get to have a greater impact, and it’s how I can be most effective in the classroom.


The City Year team had a busy month – here are some highlights:

  • The Beech Street team just completed the first round of Bobcat Rallies, and they were a huge success! Team members reviewed and emphasized the “Apology and Forgiveness Tool,” and introduced our new school rule, “Be Proud.” Through skits, improvisation, and videos, the team helped students remember what apologizing and forgiving others can look like, and what it means to be proud of yourself, where you are from, and being a member of the Beech Street School community.
  • Corps members are just beginning to work with their focus list students in math, English/language arts, 50 Acts of Greatness, and attendance coaching. Collaborating with classroom teachers, academy coaches, and our school social worker, we identified students upon which our corps members can have a positive impact through tutoring and coaching.
  • Literacy Night – let me know if you have a date!
  • Follow our team on Twitter (@beechstreet_cy) and Instagram (@beechstreet_cy), and City Year New Hampshire on Facebook!

OctBeechBobcat Rally #1.jpg

The Beech Street Elementary School team excited for their first Bobcat Rally!


The Beech Street team appreciates Melissa Gray (Academy Coach) for taking the time to go over iReady and instructing how we can start using the data to guide our work with students. It is a very busy time of year for our Academy Coaches, and the time given has allowed us to be more efficient and supportive in the classroom.

We would also like to appreciate ALL the staff for attending the Bobcat Rallies! Your presence both helped set behavioral expectations for the students and also showed support to the City Year team for all their hard work.


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