Join us for Graduation next week!

Every year, members of the community come together to honor the service given by City Year Little Rock AmeriCorps Members. Graduation is a time to thank these corps members for their passion and commitment to our students. These young people will take the pledge to become alumni and receive diplomas for the successful completion of their year of service. Join us as we celebrate this dedicated group of idealists!

Friday, June 3 at 2:00 PM

AT&T Arkansas Building
1111 West Capitol Ave., Little Rock, AR 72201

To RSVP, please call Allison Thompson at 501-707-1413 or email 

AmeriCorps Member Spotlight Special Edition: 
My Idealist Journey

Winterbottom.pngBy City Year Little Rock AmeriCorps Member Nina Winterbottom

I came into City Year fresh from Oberlin College and a Seattle upbringing. I’d studied privilege and oppression, considered myself open-minded. In conversations with other upper-middle class peers we did the best we could to understand those on the other end of the spectrum. What better way to spend a year of career indecision than on the ground, witnessing the struggles we’d talked so much about?

Just as every other young idealist discovers, things are unimaginably more complicated. I have had intimate, life-changing conversations with AmeriCorps Members and students about racism, sexism and poverty. There are far more biases in the world than I ever knew, between communities and within them.

But I have also come to the conclusion, contrary to trending articles and grounding-breaking documentaries, that these kids are still just kids. They are seasoned performers, comedic geniuses, and innovative engineers. They are not dying under a cloud of deprivation; they are living in spite of what one student calls “the struggle” of being lower class.

So now I come to another juncture, with a newfound knowledge of how much I don’t know. My only certainty is that with intense preparation, immense confidence, and wider opportunities, my kids can help their communities and change the world.


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