A National Day of Service

Today, City Year is mobilizing its 2,800 City Year AmeriCorps members and thousands more volunteers for a day of service in communities across the nation to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Read CEO and Co-Founder Michael Brown's Huffington Post article on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the role of national service in building a more just society. 

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The Inspiration of a Lifetime: Q&A with Hubie Jones on the Legacy of MLK

Hubie Jones, Social Justice Entrepreneur in Residence at City Year and a City Year Charter Trustee, has dedicated his life to social justice.

In this Q&A, Jones discusses his first encounter with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., how anger can be channeled into positive change, and the role of education in achieving Dr. King’s vision of justice for all.

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Stan McChrystal: A million young people to empower America
“Nothing is more important than developing in our citizens a sense of responsibility to each other—and to the nation… Our goal is to have 1 million young Americans each complete a civilian service year by 2023.”

Looking at their pasts, City Year Volunteers hope to help shape the future
“I see myself in some of the kids; I see my classmates,” Banaskzak said. “I see my friends who were too quiet to ask for help and fell behind. I know back then I wasn’t such a good student—I really could have used something like this.”
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