Dear City Year Community, 

February is Black History Month and our AmeriCorps Members are working with our schools to create a meaningful and educational celebration of black history. 
  • On February 26th Mabelvale Elementary School students will perform a Black History Month play.
  • Mabelvale Middle School has created a program highlighting little-known black innovators including scientists, engineers, and artists. 
  • J.A. Fair High School is showcasing students' essays on influential black leaders.
  • Hall High School is creating an interactive bulletin board celebrating black history month. 
  • Cloverdale Middle School will be teaching a daily black history lesson to students throughout the month.
  • McClellan High School will be sharing facts school-wide about a black author every week during the month of February. 
If you are looking for a way to celebrate Black History Month please let us know. We would love to have you join us at one of our many events. 

In service, 

Sarah Roberson
Vice President and Executive Director
Champion Spotlight: New Year's Eve Masquerade

The dance floor at the Second Annual New Year's Eve Masquerade.

City Year Little Rock champion Nathan Thomas rang in the New Year by hosting The Second Annual New Year's Eve Masquerade benefiting City Year Little Rock. The exclusive party featured complimentary food and drink, a photobooth, DJ Mario Luna, and mystery with a password required for entry.  Thank you Nathan and your volunteers who made this possible! #nyeatthetop

Mabelvale Elementary Attendance Initiative

By City Year Little Rock Senior AmeriCorps Member Jennifer Marshall
City Year AmeriCorps Member and Attendance Coordinator Mary Amelia Williamson came up with an idea to keep students on track and engaged about attendance at Mabelvale Elementary School. She created an attendance tracker designed like a football field that all the students can see. Every class is represented as the school's mascot, a Lil' Red Raider. Each month the classes move down the attendance tracker. At the end of the month the class in the lead is featured on another bulletin board and awarded with field trip or other special treat. 

This month's winners were Mr. Kirkpatrick's and Ms. Hall's Community Based Instruction classes. A balloon artist came to their classrooms to make and teach balloon animals. Congratulations to Mr. Kirkpatrick's and Ms. Hall's class and all the other previous winners.
ACM Spotlight: Rosemary Asencio

City Year Little Rock AmeriCorps Member Rosemary Asencio serves at McClellan High School.
Why did you choose to join City Year Little Rock? 
I wanted to give a year of service. I understand the importance of education, which is why I wanted to serve in an educational nonprofit. I love learning. The chance to help others with their education and hopefully help some students see that there are many ways to learn is something I wanted to be a part of.
Talk about your experience traveling away from home. 
Moving away from home was difficult because it is my first time living so far away and for so long. I picked Little Rock because I’ve never been to this part of the country. It was a bit of a culture shock for me, but my team made this transition worth it. Living here has become easier because I get support from them. I also have a friend who goes to school here who told me about the city and helped me do research on the organization. 

What do you expect to get out of your year of service? 
I expect to have been a positive impact in my students' education and life. I hope for a better understanding of whether I want to go into nonprofit work. I would like to see that I have grown as a person. 
What has been your favorite moment as an AmeriCorps Member? 
When I got to meet my focus list students. Knowing the students I would be working and building relationships with throughout the school year was nerve racking and exciting. It made me want to be better and try harder because that’s when I really understood the importance of our work. 
Give an example of how your service has had a positive impact. 
I think one of the simplest ways is my ability to make my students laugh. Some would rather call me weird than admit that they think I’m hilarious! Knowing that my students know they can joke around with me is very comforting.