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We are excited to announce our 2017 Red Jacket Ball Honoree:
General (ret) Wesley K. Clark!

Mark your calendars for May 11 and plan to join us at the Statehouse Convention Center for an evening of fun and celebration. Enjoy cocktails, dinner, and silent auction as we honor General Clark and the 54 City Year AmeriCorps Members who have given a year to serve as tutors, mentors, and role models in Little Rock Schools.

"Very Nice" Social at Hall High

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Ms. Chloe leads the dance party at the Very Nice November Social.

By City Year Little Rock AmeriCorps Member Barbara Ozimica

In December, Hall High City Year AmeriCorps Members held the "Very Nice" November Social for students who displayed great attendance and behavior. The event was held in the high school’s cafeteria and included a pizza party with music from DJ Derrick as well as games like Uno and dominoes.

Students were able to attend the social if they had 85% attendance in the month of November and no suspensions. Corps members acted as facilitators for the event, leading students in games and dancing. City Year AmeriCorps Members Sara Walker and Barbara Ozimica created the event, and they believe the large turnout will lead to future socials, which will continue to positively reinforce students’ awesome behavior.

The event could not have been successful without donors, as well as help from the Hall High Alumni Association also known as The Tribe. The size of the event resulted in it being split into two different days. On both days, over 200 students were invited. One ninth grader told City Year AmeriCorps Member Ms. Barbara, “Thanks a lot for having this for us!”

AmeriCorps Member Spotlight: Shanice Wells

Shanice is currently serving her first year at Baseline Elementary School.

Shanice W.jpgWhy did you choose to join City Year Little Rock?
I enjoy working with children and under-served groups of people. I saw City Year as the perfect opportunity for me to give back to my community through service. 

How has City Year affected you so far?
City Year has given me a new perspective on the world we live in. I have learned what it really means to serve others that need it the most. 

Give an example of how your service has had a positive impact.
My service has made a positive difference in the students I serve. I have seen a lot of the students I work with show tremendous growth over time. You know you're really making a difference when the math coach at your school congratulates you for the progress they see in your students! 

What do you expect to get out of your service year?
I hope that City Year will provide me with the specific platform I need to improve my understanding of service. I want to gain the best experience possible while serving in my school.

What has been your favorite moment as an AmeriCorps member?
The relationships I have gained with my students and partner teachers. Connecting with others through service has truly made a positive difference in my experience so far. 


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