City Year Little Rock Opening Day

On Monday, August 13 City Year Little Rock kicked off our year of service alongside the Little Rock School District. Community champions and partners joined our AmeriCorps members at each of our six partner schools to cheer on students as they arrived for their first day of school. Thank you to everyone who joined us!
City Year is excited to be the beneficiary of a school supply drive during 2nd Friday Art Night (2FAN) in Downtown Little Rock. Hop on the Art Night trolley to visit several shops, galleries and museums downtown while supporting City Year. School supplies will be collected that night and the following week at 2FAN locations. Click the photo above to see a list of the desired materials. Join the fun Friday September, 14th! 
ACM Spotlight: Rafiki Brown

Why did you choose to join City Year Little Rock?
I had a crisis during my senior year of college. I loved biology, but the current paradigm for schooling did not fit the way I wanted my life to go. Little Rock chose me.

What is unique about serving in Little Rock?
There is something beautiful about the surroundings. Also, if you are not used to the culture down here, jump into it. There are good people here.

Talk about your experience traveling away from home.
It was not nerve-racking, but it was very interesting to see if I would be able to do it. Either I did it and enjoyed it, or I did it and hated every second. I enjoy it. I would highly recommend it to anyone doing a program like this.

How has City Year affected you so far?
This is my second year of service. This time around I am looking for opportunities to advance my plans moving forward. Originally the plan was not to come back. But life has a funny way of putting you where you need to be. I know now that I will experience what I need or meet who I need, to continue forward.

What has been your favorite moment as an AmeriCorps member?
I was speaking with one of my focus list kids, a middle schooler who has experienced tragedy and terror, but is amazingly wise and insightful. The impact he wanted to have on his friends and the other kids reminds me why, despite everything that is going on, life will be okay.

Has there been anything that you learned in your first year that was surprising or unexpected?
I did not come with expectations. I was here to devote a year to a school. I will say that the City Year culture is interesting. 

What is one thing you wish you had known at the beginning of your City Year?
You are making a difference. On the days when you feel as if you are not, know that you are. The kids may not show it, but they deeply appreciate your presence. You impact them, so make sure it is an impact full of positive power.
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