Why more teens like Malia Obama are taking a gap year
City Year, for instance, is one in the U.S. in which young people work in inner-city schools. It is a powerful one and a popular one.

City Year, for example, which receives funding from AmeriCorps and which pays students to tutor in schools around the country, selects more than 3,000 students from among 10,000 applicants.
One thing to keep in mind is that gap years need not be expensive or involve international travel. City Year, part of AmeriCorps, provides a stipend and scholarship for 10 months of service in inner-city schools.
Some gap years can cost almost nothing. Take City Year, a program run by AmeriCorps...
"For a high schooler to come out and get into City Year – it opens so many doors," Margarita Gonzalez said. "It provides knowledge that I don't think a college can teach you and to get that experience, everything becomes clearer; you learn a lot about yourself."
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